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Урок №100. 50 Key Verbs for your Business Vocabulary, Part IX

С какими словами любят появляться в деловой речи obtain, offer, provide, put forward, raise

  • obtain: ~ goods, ~ support

We easily obtained goods we wanted. [получить товар]

Our team obtained the needed support from the boss. [получить поддержку]

  • offer: ~ a discount, ~ a refund

The internet shop offered discounts with promo codes. [предлагать скидку]

They offered me a full refund. [предложить полный возврат денег]

  • provide: ~ an estimate, ~ a service

Would you please provide us with an estimate. [cделать смету]

This service is provided free of charge. [предоставлять услугу]

  • put forward: ~ an alternative, ~ a proposal

During meeting participants put forward a number of alternatives. [выдвинуть альтернативу]

Members of the team put forward far too few proposals at the kick-off meating. [высказать предложение]


  • raise: ~ a point, ~ prices

No one raised an interesting point. [затронуть тему]

The market situation forced the company to raise prices by 5 per cent. [поднять цены]



Memorize collocations. Think on situations when you could use them.


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