10 Дек 2015, 07:37

Вайнона Райдер стала новым лицом линии косметики Marc Jacobs.

Дизайнер объявил эту новость в Instagram, разместив фото актрисы со словами: «С большой гордостью (и удовольствием) я даю «утечку» фото нашей новой кампании 2016 для MARC JACOBS BEAUTY. В ней снимается мой дорогой друг, ослепительно красивая и чрезвычайно талантливая Вайнона Райдер». Снимок актрисы сделан Дэвидом Симсом для рекламы, которая была вдохновлена фильмом 1961 года «В прошлом году в Мариенбаде» с Дельфин Сейриг. 

It is with great pride (and pleasure) that I 'leak' this image from our upcoming 2016 MARC JACOBS BEAUTY campaign. Photographed here by David Sims and styled by Katie @kegrand, it stars my dear friend (of over two and a half decades), the stunningly beautiful and extraordinarily talented, Winona Ryder. Mesmerized by this image and her look- created by Diane @diane.kendal (using our fine liner eye crayon, velvet noir mascara and new nudes lipstick) and hair by Guido @guidopalau I am reminded of one of my all time favorite films: The Last Year at Marienbad. The flawless cool, elegant and timeless chic of actress Delphine Seyrig has long been a reference of mine. The force of the surreal calm, and painstaking fetishistic polish of this film and its heroine are truly 'ON FLEEK' and continues to inspire me to date. No one I know could exude the adjectives I've listed as perfectly as Winona does… She does not model the look she gets into the role- and exudes it! A brilliant mind, talent, and physical beauty like no other, I am delighted to share this image of Winona with my IG fans and followers today. I'll follow this post with a few more MJ/WR images from our past- To see more of the campaign, stay tuned! #4everwinona #marcbeauty

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