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Урок №97. Joe Vitale’s 25 Sure-Fire Ways to Create Terrific Headlines

Шпаргалка от гуру (интернет-)маркетинга Джо Витале для создания заголовков продающих текстов

Урок №97. Joe Vitale’s 25 Sure-Fire Ways to Create Terrific Headlines

Шпаргалка от гуру (интернет-)маркетинга для создания заголовков продающих текстов


1. Lead with these words: At Last! Announcing! New! At Last! Two famous millionaires share their powerful million dollar secrets. Announcing the Millionaire Summit! New! Millionaire Summit Reveals the Newest Ways to Make Your Next Million (or Billion).


2. Round up your audience: Plumbers! Housewives! Sore feet? Millionaires! Future Millionaires! Potential Billionaires!


3. Promise a benefit: Freedom from Backache in 10 minutes! Land a job in 2 days with new method! An extra million net profit to your bottom line this year. Guaranteed!


4. Make it newsworthy: Major breakthrough in Car Safety? A Million Millionaires in Ten Years is the Goal to Two Southern California Entrepreneurs.


5. Offer something free: FREE Report Explains Tax Loopholes! FREE Book on Car Repairs! FREE Report on the hottest millionaire strategies!


6. Ask an intriguing question: Do You Make These Mistakes in English? Do You Make Any of these Little Known Mistakes with Your Money?


7. Lead with Testimonials: «These two books made me the wealthiest man alive.» Malcolm Forbes «I doubled my business in the first 120 days after the Summit. That puts an extra million in my pocket this year.» Frank Simington


8. Create a «How to» headline: How to Win Friends and Influence People.


9. Quiz your readers: How Smart are Your? Take this Quiz and See!


10. Use the words «these» and «why» in your headline: Why these Dogs Cost More.


11. Use «I» and «Me» headlines: They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano—But When I Started to Play…


12. Put your product name in your headline: The Fiskin Ladder Saved My Husband»s Life


13. Use the word «Wanted»: Wanted: Executives Ready for Sudden Profit.


14. Use the word «breakthrough» in your headline: A Breakthrough in Alarm Systems.


15. Feature your offer: Arrow Shirts at 50% Off! Join for Six Months—Get Next 6 Months Free!


16. Ask, «Who else?«: Who Else Wants to Write a Book?


17. Focus on your guarantee: Guaranteed to Go Thru Ice, Mud or Snow—or We Pay the Tow!


18. Admit a weakness: We»re Number Two. We Try Harder. This Chef Makes Everything Except Salads!


19. Focus on positive results: Whiter Teeth in 10 Days! 35 Pounds Slimmer in 30 Days!


20. Warn your audience: Warning! Taking the Wrong Vitamins Can Actually Harm You!


21. Make it easy: Easy Way to Solve Roof Leaks!


22. Dramatize the benefit: «Sound Pillow» Lets Your Sleep with Neil Diamond!

23. Use proven clichés: The Truth about Health Clubs

David Ogilvy’s Proven Sales Clichés




How to





It»s here

Just arrived

Important development















The truth about




Last chance





24. Reveal a hidden benefit: How to get a Standing Ovation Every Time You Speak!

25. Give reasons: Nine reasons to Use This Maid Service. Seven Reasons to Call This Doctor Today

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