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Урок № 84. How to Do Life: what they didn’t teach you in school, Part I

Своими наблюдениями делится всемирно известный карьерный консультант Marty Nemko

Урок № 84. How to Do Life: what they didn’t teach you in school, Part I

Своими наблюдениями делится всемирно известный карьерный консультант Marty Nemko


Especially in these tough times, life can be a challenge.


Here, I share what has most helped my 3,900 career and life coaching clients (and me) with seven of life’s biggies: career, recreation, relationships, education, money, parenting, and spirituality. I’ll end with a few all-purpose (универсальный) tips.


Career Rather than tell you to see a career counselor (консультант по карьере) for ten sessions only to be told «There’s lots of things you could pursue,» try this. It’s fast, free and often surprisingly helpful: Scan the index of the 300 careers in the Occupational Outlook Handbook, available free at www.bls.gov/oco, and read the profiles of any careers that appeal. Then read a couple of articles on that career. To find them, just Google the name of the career and the word careers, for example, «geologist careers». Finally, talk with, visit, or volunteer for someone in that career, and voila, you’ve picked more wisely than do 95% of career searchers.


To land a job (устроиться на работу), do it your way. Sure, networking works for many, but if you’re a lousy (никчемный) networker, it probably won’t work for you. Put your effort into crafting ahead-of-the-pack job applications. Describe your distinctive attributes: If you’re slow and craftsman-like rather than a fast producer, say it. If you’d rather work alone than be the proverbial (пресловутый) team player, say it. The wrong employers will screen you out and the right ones will screen you in. In addition to a cover letter showing you meet the job’s requirements, include a piece of collateral (сопутствующий) material. For example, one of my clients applied for a sales job with a government contractor. He included a list of 50 federal decision makers he’d call if he got the job. Another client, to show an employer that he knew a lot about hospital management, wrote a three-page White Paper called, Keys to Effective Hospital Management in 2012 and Beyond, which he researched just as he might have a term paper in school.


On the job, key is to mold the job description to fit your personality. A client of mine became a manager. Her predecessor (предшественник) focused on developing budgets, processes, and evaluating employees. My client disliked all that. She loved helping her supervisees (подчиненные) solve problems and advocating for them with higher-ups (высокие должностные лица). As much as possible, she molded the job to fit her preferences and is now happy and successful.


Money. Financial advisors make investing seem more complicated than it need be. Most experts agree you’ll likely do better than most investors in much less time and with much less stress simply by investing your money in the Vanguard All-in-One Fund that matches your risk tolerance and time horizon. Truly, for many people, it’s that simple. The cost is low, diversification high, and simplicity unmatched.


You may feel they can outsmart (перехитрить) the market, but most active traders lose money. It’s tough to beat‑net of expenses—the collective wisdom of the millions of investors that determine a stock’s price.


to be continued

by Marty Nemko,  (written for Mensa’s national magazine), adapted




Pick up several phrases and words you would like to invite in your active vocabulary and make up sentences with them. Great if these sentences would somehow relate to each other representing a small text. 

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