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Урок №7. What makes this e-mailed sales letter hypnotic? Part II

MMR совместно с Business Spotlight Ukraine представляет седьмой урок в рамках новой рубрики «A Lesson for a Marketing Person».

Урок №7. What makes this e-mailed sales letter hypnotic? Part II

MMR совместно с Business Spotlight Ukraine представляет седьмой урок в рамках новой рубрики «A Lesson for a Marketing Person».


by Dr. Joe Vitale


2. The opening sentence, «I was just in the bathroom, reading a letter from my sister, when I got to the line…,» not only compels you to read the second sentence, it is actually impossible to complete the first sentence ‑ because it doesn’t end! Those dashes are grabbing your nose and pulling you into the next sentence, which happens to be the next paragraph.

3. The letter weaves a story. Stories sell. Stories compel. Stories pull people into the drama unfolding and make them a part of the action. As this letter reveals it’s story, it also conveys selling messages to you hypnotically ‑ messages that urge you to get this book now.

4. The letter reeks of sincerity. I learned that sincerity sells. Sincerity is hypnotic. Don’t lie or mislead or gyp people. Tell your story in the most hypnotic way possible and the people most interested in it will respond.


The ending PS, «Amazon.com now carries «Spiritual Marketing,» is a subliminal call to action. While I’m still known for writing fiery PS’s that warn you of dangers if you don’t act now, my PS above works in a soft-sell way. The story in the letter says «Buy my new book.» The PS simply tells you where.


You can take my tried and tested emailed sales letter above and use it as a model to write your own hypnotic letter. Here’s how.


Just think of a story ‑ a true one, remember ‑ of someone who benefited from your product or service in a record-breaking way, and write the event up following my formula and my letter. It may help you to remember these key questions:

1. How can you make your headline so curious that people can’t help but read your letter?

2. How can you begin your next letter in such a way that it actually forces people to keep reading?

3. How can you tell a story about your product or service that compels people to want it?

4. Are you telling the whole truth in your letter?

5. How can you more softly let people know how to buy your product or service?


Finally, I think the greatest secret to making any sales letter or email message truly hypnotic is in being genuinely excited. My sales letter above is based on what actually happened to me. My sister DID write me. She DID buy a new car. It WAS a result of reading my new book. I was so moved by her news that I conveyed my joy in my sales letter ‑ and that joy became hypnotic to my readers.



to compel [kəm’pel] — заставлять

dashes — здесь: троеточие

to weave [wiːv] a story — ткать историю


to reveal [rɪ’viːl] — раскрывать

to convey [kənˈveɪ] — передать, донести

to reek of sth. [riːk] — дымить, разить; здесь: быть переполненным чем-либо

sincerity [sɪn’serətɪ] — искренность

call to actionпризыв к действию

fiery [‘faɪərɪ] — яркий, пламенный

genuinely [‘ʤenjuɪnlɪ] — искренне



Сan’t help but — грамматическая конструкция «не могу не», владение которой позволит вам строить красивые предложения.

I can’t help but notice. Не могу не заметить.

You cant help but like her. Она не может не нравиться.

I cant help but agree. Не могу не согласиться.

He couldn’t help but do it. Ему ничего не оставалось, как сделать это.

You couldn’t help but tell him what happened. Было просто невозможно не рассказать ему, что произошло.



Если встречаете неизвестное слово в тексте, не нужно сразу открывать словарь. Попробуйте догадаться из контекста. Так вероятность того, что вы его запомните, будет выше. Если не очень уверены, правильна ли ваша догадка, сверьтесь со словарем.



Своими словами расскажите, что же сделало это письмо гипнотическим. С каким из доводов Джо Витале вы не согласны и почему.


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