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Урок №40. How the iPad Will Transform Marketing. Часть 1

В сегодняшнем уроке о том, как появление планшетов повлияло на работу маркетологов ‑ эти девайсы помогают решать ранее неразрешимые задачи

Урок №40. How the iPad Will Transform Marketing. Часть 1


by Lisa Arthur,  Contributor of Forbes.com, CMO of Aprimo


В сегодняшнем уроке о том, как появление планшетов повлияло на работу маркетологов ‑ эти девайсы помогают решать ранее неразрешимые задачи


The year is drawing to a close, and I’m amazed at how digital technology now impacts my daily routine -in ways I couldn’t have imagined just 12 months ago.


These days, I’m never without my smartphone. Earlier this year, I «cut the cord» with my cable provider at home, which means now I watch TV only online. And now, I use my iPad as much as (or maybe even more than) I use my laptop for business. My iPad helps me manage my marketing team with access to content, spend and campaign information and reports.


Of course, I’m not the only marketer to feel the impact of technology in my daily business life; technology is  rapidly transforming marketing for all of us. Digital channels are proliferating. Digital data analysis has become a must-have. And over the past year, several innovative high-tech tools have emerged, too. Many marketers are now using sophisticated marketing software systems  and new tablet computers, such as Apple’s iPad.


How will all this technology impact our industry in the year ahead? Which high-tech strategy best fits your team?


Last week, I discussed these issues with Dave Sutton, who is founder of TopRight Strategic Marketing, co-author of Enterprise Marketing Management: The New Science of Marketing, and a thought leader regarding technology and marketing. We focused specifically on the iPad, which Dave describes as a «killer platform» poised to revolutionize the way marketers do their jobs. Here are some highlights from our conversation:


LA: Dave, you have said that you think the iPad is much more than a fad, and that it actually signals the beginning of a transformative era for business computing. What makes this device so revolutionary?


DS: I believe that the iPad is revolutionary because it has the potential to enable entirely new business strategies. The iPad is unique because it represents:


  1. Technology convergence. Tablet formats combine advanced processors and high resolution with mobility, portability and affordability.
  2. A form factor shift. With more than three million units sold in the first quarter after launch, it’s clear that consumers have embraced not only the iPad’s design quality, but also its versatility and intuitive usability.
  3. The maturity of iPad app development. Both consumers and businesses are now hungry for apps, and the app development community is robust, mature and credible.



LA: More specifically, how does the iPad impact marketing?


DS: The iPad and other new tablet technologies are much more than personal productivity improvement devices. Already, marketers are using iPads to create new customer experiences, monetize assets in new ways and solve complex, intractable business problems.


Marketers are typically tasked with answering what I like to call «the five Qs:» Who are your customers? Where are they? What are they buying? When do they buy? How do they buy? Traditionally, technology has been able to help us answer one, two, or maybe three of these questions at a time. But, now the iPad can help us answer all of them at once. Consumers can use the iPad to provide feedback to our marketing messages. That means marketing no longer has to debate the tradeoffs of «push» versus «pull» tactics. The iPad is the embodiment of push and pull in one device. It empowers consumers, enhances the customer experience and gives marketers invaluable insight into buying behaviors.

to be continued





to cut the cordидиома — отказаться от чьей либо помощи и стать самостоятельным, в данном случае используется в смысле «отказаться от услуг».


to proliferateувеличиваться, расти, распространяться

poised [pɔɪzd] — готовый

fad [fæd] —игрушка, прихоть, преходящее увлечение

convergence [kənvɜːʤəns] — слияние, сближение, конвергенция

versatility [ˌvɜːsə‘tɪlətɪ] — универсальность

maturity [məʧuərətɪ] — развитость, зрелость

robust [rə‘bʌst] — крепкий, устойчивый

intractable [ɪn’træktəbl] — трудноразрешимый

tradeoffкомпромисс, выбор лучшего из двух возможных решений

embodiment [ɪm’bɔdɪmənt] — воплощение



В левой колонке даны определения пяти существительных слов из текста, определите какие. Наведя курсором на подчеркивание, вы увидите правильный ответ.


1. Еhe fact that you can only have one of two things.

2. Someone or something that is the best possible example of a particular idea, quality, or principle, especially a good one.

3. A situation in which people or things gradually become the same or very similar.

4. Ability to be used in many different ways.

5. This word means the ease of use and learnability of a human-made object.



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