11 Июн 2012, 07:06

Урок №31. 37 Examples Of Using QR Codes


QR Code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is a kind of barcode that you can scan by means of your smartphone previously having installed a special program. It was invented in 1994 by Japanese for automotive industry but now it is used in every sphere of our life. Usually a QR Code leads to a website but you can generate it also for your Facebook page. Marketers shall be aware that mobile marketing is gaining momentum in Ukraine and one of its elements ‑ QR Code ‑ will be soon an integral part of any marketing campaign. Here are some examples of where you could place this sign.




Your homework:


a) Think on other ways and places to put the QR Code for your business or your personal brand. Where would it lead?

b) Next time you order your business card you could put a QR Code on it. Think what profile you link to it — Facebook or LinkedIn or anything else?

c) Install a QR code scanner on your smartphone and use it when needed.


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