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Урок №156. 5 Ways to Always Be the Most Interesting Person in the Room. Part 1

Автор портала Muse Аманда Берлин перечислила по пунктам факторы, которые позволят вам находится в центре внимания

Урок №156. 5 Ways to Always Be the Most Interesting Person in the Room. Part 1

Автор портала Muse Аманда Берлин перечислила по пунктам факторы, которые позволят вам находиться в центре внимания, в этом уроке рассмотрим первый и второй.


We all know those people who seem to effortlessly garner attention (привлекать внимание). They easily command a crowd and seem to shine in any social or professional gathering. What»s the secret? Are some people just naturally charismatic? Or is this a skill that can be cultivated?


You may have been this person. Maybe there was a moment in time when you felt particularly magnetic. What was going on in that moment, and how can you recapture that allure (шарм, обаяние, привлекательность)?


We all want to be interesting to others, even if we»re not necessarily comfortable being the center of attention. Being interesting makes us feel «seen.» It leads to opportunities. It leads to influence.


Understanding what»s «attractive» can help in the pursuit of influence. The secret to being interesting is less about positioning yourself as someone particularly cultured, experienced, or worthy and more about what you offer to each individual with whom you interact.


Here is the inside track to being more interesting.


1. Be Humble

While many of us picture the center of attention being someone with a big personality and a booming voice with lots of opinions and a hearty laugh (someone exhibiting blatant confidence), research published in the British Psychological Society Digest shows that people will choose to be around other people who favor humility (скромность). There is much debate around how to actually define humility in this case, but the most appropriate definition seems to be «having a clear perspective and respect for one»s place in context.»


How to be humble? Humility is not to be confused with a lack of assertiveness. And it also doesn»t mean you should be self-deprecating (умаляющий собственное достоинство). Be humble by being willing to say, in word or in deed, «I know who I am. I know what I can do. And, I know what I can»t do.» And have a light heart about it. This can be as simple as employing the tried and true (хорошо себя зарекомендовавший), «You know what, I don»t know the answer to that, but I will find out…» or as subtle as asking questions when a topic with which you»re unfamiliar is tackled in conversation. Don»t be afraid to show up with a «beginner»s mind» and be curious.


2. Be Generous

If you»re genuinely generous, you trigger the psychological response of reciprocity (взаимность). You don»t even have to be extravagantly generous. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that very simple reciprocal activity, like engaging in conversation, triggered altruism in young children. The same is projected to be true for adults, according to the research. So this means that if you»re simply generous with your time and attention, you might find your generosity comes back to you. People will be more interested in and will pay attention to you, in turn.


How to be generous? Say yes, often. If you have a particular expertise, offer your insight or services without the expectation of payback. Participate in a productive way in industry groups online. Be helpful. Your good deeds will be reciprocated. The research backs it up.


To be continued


Have you read the text? Now write down the 6 words and phrases in bold. Then check your spelling and your awareness about their meanings.




Try to remember 3 phrases in bold in the text. Translate following sentences using them.

  1. В ближайшие две недели меня не будет.

  2. Я очень хотел бы познакомиться с этим человеком.

  3. Этот фильм не для слабонервных.

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