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Урок №114. How Get More Love For Your Blog, Part 2 — Distributing

В этой серии уроков мы приводим рекомендации Хайди Коэн

Урок №114. How Get More Love For Your Blog, Part 2 — Distributing

В этой серии уроков мы приводим рекомендации Хайди Коэн, консультанта по маркетингу, президента компании Riverside Marketing Strategie,. Во второй части речь пойдет о расширении аудитории ваших блог-постов.


  1. Email your posts. Ian Cleary of Razor Social does a great job of writing a separate email that»s fun to read and not just a link to his latest post.

  2.  Provide a feed of your posts (aka RSS). Realize that there are people who prefer to use feeds, especially with the increased focus on content curation.

  3. Highlight blog posts in your email newsletter. Add new information so that you»re not just rehashing the post. One way to do this is to curate related content from other sources.

  4. Exchange email lists with a related blog or media entity. This doesn»t mean that you literally give them your list since that would in essence be spam. Rather, have them feature a post on your own blog in a special emailing to their list with an introduction as to why the article is worth their readers» time. The benefit is that you reach new readers and are endorsed by the other»s blog. Don»t be surprised if the blog would like a reciprocal arrangement or a fee.

  5. Promote your blog on your business website. Don»t assume your visitors will look for your blog. Also, if you feel that the word blog is negative for your business, call it something else.

  6. Start podcasting. Pat Flynn and Derek Halpern created podcasts that drive massive amounts of traffic to their blogs.

  7. Be a guest on someone else»s podcast. This is what I did for Jon Loomer. Check out the podcasts in your vertical and determine where you»d be a good fit.

  8. Start your own television entity. Create regular videos to get your information out. Make sure that you include your blog»s URL.

  9. Provide webinarsJon Loomer has been testing a weekly webinar.Exchange co-registration. For email sign-ups, promote another website and they promote you. Email newsletters do this all the time.

  10. Appear on someone else»s webinar. Another way to spread the word about your blog with an existing audience.

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Check if you are familiar with the verbs of the given text. See the explanations and guess what verbs are meant:

  1. to cause something to exist or be available — _
  2. to officially decide something —
  3. to support or encourage something —
  4. to make something easier to see or notice —  _



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