01 Апр 2013, 06:25

Урок №72. Self-education tips by Kapterev

В этом уроке слушаем рекомендации по самообразованию от Алексея Каптерева — всемирно известного эксперта в области презентаций.


1. Watch the video. (there is only one difficult word — pollinate  – опылять)



2. Did you remember the 6 recommendations how to make the self-education process mostly effective? Check it with the list below.


If you want to have an interesting professional future, have a strategy for your self-education. The only sensible one is cross-pollination. Here are 6 principles that are key to it:


1. Read! Organize the flow of information. Start with blogs. Learn English. A world class self-education is only available in English.

2. Make up your reading and re-reading list of (audio)books.

3. Watch videos. You can learn a lot from YouTube and iTunesU. Subscribe to online (free) courses. Make up your own curricula.

4. Experiment! Join|organize a practice group.

5. Share your knowledge.

6. Do real-life projects.


3. Give a short summary as if you were presenting the tips to the audience.

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