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Урок №141. DO NOT Fear Change in the Workplace — Embrace It

Кристофер Андерсон о том, почему нужны изменения в работе и почему их не надо бояться.

Урок №141. DO NOT Fear Change in the Workplace — Embrace It

Кристофер Андерсон (Christopher Anderson), специалист по управлению айти-проектами, компания Avanade, знает по собственному опыту, почему нужны изменения в работе и почему их не надо бояться. 

CHANGE; it"s a word that instills fear into the hearts of many employees. Its negative connotations suggest anything from downsizing, to reorganization, to added responsibilities minus pats on the back and any semblance of a pay increase…the list goes on and on. But change doesn"t have to be the scary 800 lb. gorilla in the room at all. It simply means that you have to come to the realization that change has arrived and you WILL be dealing with it, so let"s turn that frown upside down and get our "positive" thinking caps on. YOU WILL BE OKAY.

Below are just a couple important things to keep in mind when it comes to change in the workplace:

1) It"s inevitable

No matter the size of the company, change in indeed inevitable. Self-employed entrepreneur building that better mousetrap all on her/his own or fortune 100 companies with 10,000+ employees spanning the globe, change can come in all shapes and sizes. Rest assured it will come eventually, and at some point it will affect you in some form or another. Departments merge, employees get transitioned, managers and co-workers come and go all the time, and whether you believe it or not, the results are that change has indeed paid you a visit a number of times over your career already. And guess what? You"re still surviving aren"t you?

I"ll give some simple advice I"ve given coworkers and people I"ve managed in the past; your work should not define who you are, but rather YOU should define the type of worker you are going to be in the position you currently hold, or where you want to be. Your positive attitude and ability to embrace change, of any kind, will show and will lead to bigger and better things for you.

2) It"s necessary

New technologies and new ideas…both lead to competition, and change in the business world. Bigger, better, faster ways something gets done or something gets built; this is how change comes about. That mousetrap someone just built…well, you can bet your bottom dollar that someone else is already working on the next bigger and better one.

Competition out there to have the next big idea, or the next big product quickest to market…this all lends to changes occurring in theories, in processes, and in the ways we do a lot of things…. bigger and better things for a company in order to help them remain competitive in business are virtually impossible without some form of change. I"ll give it to you in this way: Change is necessary for growth, it"s necessary for progress, and most of all, it"s necessary for survival. Adapting to those beliefs will inevitably leave you in a better position to cope with things when the pot gets stirred up at work.

Closing Thought

I"ll get right to it…The old saying used to be that, "In this world nothing can be certain except death and taxes." Anyone that has been in the workforce for some time can certainly attest to why I"m suggesting we add "Change" to that statement. I don"t think there will be too many people out there that argue the suggestion.


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