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Урок №127. 9 Social Media Tips that You Can’t Afford to Overlook

Квинтэссенция прозвучавшего на PR News Social Media Summit, который состоялся в начале июня в Нью-Йорке

Урок №127. 9 Social Media Tips that You Can’t Afford to Overlook

Квинтэссенция прозвучавшего на PR News Social Media Summit, который состоялся в начале июня в Нью-Йорке

  1. Best quote of the conference: "No one wants to be friends with a butter cracker (жирный крекер)." Kathryn Sheaffer, brand manager for Ritz Crackers, so aptly (метко) summed up the challenge of Facebook communications for brands. Be realistic about your brand"s presence on social media and engage with your fans in realistic ways.

  2. Get a few social platforms rights, then start to take chances on others. In other words, don"t dive into the entire social media pool. Pick a few lanes to swim in first, be it Twitter and Pinterest, or Linkedin and Facebook, master your strokes there, then start exploring other waters.

  3. Take your press release off cruise control. First of all, the press release is not dead. But the old-fashioned press release should be put out to pasture (образно — сдать в архив). Make sure your releases are optimized for search, have multimedia components that drive stakeholder engagement, are written well and most of all, are interesting!

  4. Tweet short: A tweet that"s less than 100 characters lifts share rate by 17%. You thought 140 characters was short? Think again.

  5. During a crisis, Twitter is for news and Facebook is for hugs.  Don"t mix it up.

  6. Great question posed to the audience: Why don"t PR pros do more A/B testing with their campaigns? Smart advice from Brandon Andersen of Cision, noting that A/B testing goes to the heart of Marketing 101 yet the PR discipline often overlooks this smart exercise in testing your messaging, be it on social media or in a traditional PR campaign.

  7. You cannot automate judgment. With all the talk of data mining, programmatic and cloud-based communication, the truth is that people still drive decisions.  Make sure you put a premium on good judgment when hiring talent and executing on campaigns.

  8. Content marketing is a commitment not a campaign. Most brands are engaging in some type of brand journalism and the jury"s out on how well it"s working. Those committed to content marketing, weaving it into their marketing-PR matrix rather than a one-off campaign here and there, are most likely to succeed in this area.

  9. Visuals are the new headlines. A picture is worth a lot more than 1,000 words. Invest in video, infographics, photography and graphics. Take time to learn about Vine and Instagram. See what your audience is seeing and then give them some of that.




Guess what term is meant by the following definitions:

— something such as a drawing or a photograph, especially one that helps to explain something

  — an official statement or report that an organization gives to journalists, for example about a new product or an important achievement

 — someone who has an interest in the success of a plan, system, or organization, for example a worker in a company or the parent of a child at a school


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