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Урок #116 How Get More Love For Your Blog, Part 4 — Use of Social Media

В четвертой части речь пойдет об использовании социальных сетей.

Урок #116 How Get More Love For Your Blog, Part 4 — Use of Social Media

В этой серии уроков мы приводим рекомендации Хайди Коэн, консультанта по маркетингу, президента компании Riverside Marketing Strategie, следуя которым вы сможете сделать свой блог успешным. В четвертой части речь пойдет об использовании социальных сетей.


  1. Share your blog content across social media platforms. While you can schedule it, handcraft each share with relevant commentary to attract greater readership.

  2. Use hashtags to expand shareability on social media. Include relevant hashtags where appropriate.

  3. Chop your column into a set of tweets and drip out over time. This works well when you have long lists and can make each one a tweet.

  4. Use ClickToTweet. Encourage readers to share your content.

  5. Create a pinboard specifically for your blog posts. To enhance content sharability, include strong visuals.

  6. Leverage LinkedIn Groups to target content delivery. Join LinkedIn Groups relevant to your topic and share your blog posts there. Understand that you should also share other people»s content and participate in discussions.

  7. Add a Pin This Button. This works particularly well if you have great visuals, especially if they»re useful lists.

  8. Participate in a Twitter chat. You can highlight your blog in your introduction by saying, for example «Hi! I»m Heidi and I blog at http://HeidiCohen.com

  9. Be the guest at a Twitter chat. Share your information with an existing group a relevant group on Twitter.

  10. Answer questions on Quora. Use Quora to build your following as a thought leader and where appropriate share articles.

  11. Combine a few posts into an ebook for Slideshare. Include a page at the end with a call-to-action to register for your blog.

  12. Promote your blog in your social media profiles. Let people know about your blog when they»re looking at your profile.

  13. Claim your blog name on every social media platform. Where possible, create a profile in your blog»s name so people can find it, even if you not active on that platform.

  14. Include a «Print This» button. Researches revealed that printing was one of the top 5 ways people shared content. While it»s not environmentally friendly, let your readers consume your content the way they want.



Guess the word for the following explanations


a word with the symbol # in front of it, used especially in social media and microblogging to identify or search for subjects of interest

any material, such as writing, pictures, or music, that appears on a website or other electronic medium

a banner, button, or some type of graphic or text on a website meant to prompt a user to click it and continue down a conversion funnel


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