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Урок №29. Ways to stay creative

Новый урок английского языка в рамках рубрики "A lesson for a marketing person" дает советы, как поддерживать в себе креативность

Урок №29. Ways to stay creative


В этом видео вы увидите рекомендации о том, как оставаться креативным. 



Домашнее задание:


a) What rules do you see as helpful? What ways are odd (лишний) in the list in your opinion?

b) Are there any ideas how to stay creative not included in the list?

c) See the list below; choose 5 ideas you are going to take on board (взять на вооружение).



29 Ways to Stay Creative:

1. Make lists
2. Carry a notebook everywhere
3. Try free writing
4. Get away from the computer
5. Quit beating yourself up ( to beat oneself up — винить себя в чем-либо)
6. Take breaks
7. Sing in the shower
8. Drink coffee
9. Listen to new music
10. Be open
11. Surround yourself with creative people
12. Get feedback
13. Collaborate (to collaborate — сотрудничать)
14. Don’t give up (to give up — сдаваться)
15. Practice, practice, practice
16. Allow yourself to make mistake
17. Go somewhere new
18. Count your blessings (to count one’s blessings — быть благодарным судьбе)
19. Get lots of rest
20. Take risks
21. Break the rules
22. Dont’s force it
23. Read a page of the dictionary
24. Create a framework
25. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect
26. Got an idea? Write it down
27. Clean your workspace
28. Have fun
29. Finish something


4) Sometimes to give birth to a creative idea you need just a little bit more time. As evidence see the following video.


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