05 Авг 2013, 06:16

Урок №88. 50 Key Verbs for your Business Vocabulary, Part III

Продолжаем осваивать устойчивые сочетания слов — глагол + существительное.


  • complete: ~ a deal, ~a questionnaire


Jenny is sure she completes this deal next month. [заключить сделку]

You have 20 minutes to complete this questionnaire. [заполнить анкету]


  • control: ~costs, ~ spending


It is essential for any business to control costs. [контролировать издержки]

Do you have any ideas how we can control spending more effectively? [контролировать/снижать расходы/затраты]


  • cut: ~ costs, ~ jobs


The company had to cut costs by 5 per cent. [снижать издержки]

If we cut jobs, there will be protests. [сокращать рабочие места]



Memorize collocations. Think on situations when you could use them.

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